What is Zoomery?

With Zoomery: Anything Zooms! Whether it is simple photos, conference materials, various files on your hard drive, or even source code, they can all be turned into Deep Zoom scenes by Zoomery. See the video below or check out our live demos to see it firsthand.

Zoomery is an award winning Silverlight Deep Zoom based visualization technology developed by Response Ltd. It is the basis for tools and APIs that allow developers as well as end users to create and display Deep Zoom scenes from a wide variety of sources. The core idea behind Zoomery is the realization, that the interactive zoomable visualization of Deep Zoom can be used on anything, as long as you can turn it into an image or a set of images. Zoomery's task is to facilitate this conversion from raw data into a zoomable interactive Deep Zoom scene and to help Silverlight applications display the results.

Zoomery Studio and Zoomery Gallery are two applications aimed at the end-users and small scale web developers, who would most likely use static, pre-generated zoomable scenes, like image galleries or presentation browsers.

Zoomery Server and Zoomery Community Gallery on the other hand are more complex, server based solutions aimed at community and corporate websites, offering extensive customization possibilities and a wide range of integration features.